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JJ: Leonid Vitali Demochka by IVANPS JJ: Leonid Vitali Demochka by IVANPS

Name: Leonid Vitali Demochka
Age: 32 years-old (December 17th)
Gang: Merinovskaya Bratva
Job: Hit man, Weapons dealer
Job Cover-up: Dock worker.
Quote: “Do not tempt the devil two times.”
Weapon: Luger P08 pistol [link] & butterfly knife


Cocky -- He has a lot of confidence on his skills, to the point of despise the skills of other Allies and enemies, which leads him to some trouble while working whit others .
Calm --His path through life has taught him to analyze dangerous situations, expressions and deeds as a very calm and cold strategist, so he can act whit efficiency and intelligence, he is cunning and he will not heat over insults or the cockiness of others, instead he will find a way to make you know that you messed whit the wrong bull.
Menacing --He is a very menacing person when he needs too, after spending time in prison he learned to stand up whit violence, threatening and killing who ever tried to pass over him.
Loyal -- His personal motivations are to look over his comrades, as they are the only ones he can count on, he will protect the truly helpful persons around him, and punish severely over traitors and enemies that attempt to hurt him and his partners.
Jealous –By the laws of the thieves he cannot have a family of his own , but he can have several women for him , prostitutes or meaningful girls , still he is very protective whit them, specially when other men come to flirt whit them .


Leonid was born in Vladivostok, (Russia) on December 17th, 1897, under a working class family, his father was a ferry sailor and his mother worked on the textile industrial unit under depressing conditions, His early life was a unsure struggle to survive day by day, until he flirted whit crime and began to steal and rob to survive , shortly after he began to get involved whit gangs that follow a code for living.

At the age of 18 he was fully involved whit the thief activity in the ports of Vladivostok dealing whit stolen merchandise, prostitution, bribery and a couple of murders robbing supply trains during the early days of the war and avoided his recruitment to serve in WW1 for the red army, in the last days of the war he was captured by the soviet NKVD during the robbery of Army supplies and weapons to sell in the black market after one gun battle of communist troops and Imperial troops loyal to the tsar , during the Russian revolution on 1917, He was judge under the new communist court and sent to Siberia to serve 43 years in prison for anti communist acts, robbery, grand theft auto, weapon smuggling, murder and several more crimes .

Inside the gulag he learned quickly the skills to survive inside prison and how to operate as a true Underworld member of the Russian mob, making allies and making his name inside the unholy prison that became his home, He was an active inmate, he learned accounting skills, bow to make business inside the prison, English , and also how to kill and get dispose of the bodies, He earned His tattoos along whit respect and comrades , he was loyal and helped his fellow inmates , even under the fierce iron fist of the guards , that in several occasions tried to kill him.

In his 5th year in prison on October of 1922 He killed 3 guards that tried to kill him along whit other thief members in the boiler rooms of the prison, this incident made the prisoners to strike in a uprising, several prisoners escaped, Leonid was one of them, and shortly after he smuggled himself to America after taking control of the weapon smuggling trade rout whit the tittles earned in prison and the blessing of one of the main families, the Merinovskaya bratva.

He arrived on 1924 to the docks of New York , establishing there as a Hit man and weapon supplier & expert for the Russian mob in America.

Now he wants to make this new land his own Vorovskoy Mir, in Russian “Thieves world” (воровской мир) to rule and be free on it, no matter who stands in his way.

Law of the Thieves:
Under the theoretical code of the vory, a thief must:
 Not have emotions
 Forsake his relatives: father, mother, brothers, and sisters.
 Not have a family of his own: no marriage, no children; this does not however, preclude him from having an unlimited number of women
 Never, under any circumstances, have a legitimate job or significant property (e.g. a house), no matter how much difficulty this brings; live only on money obtained through gambling or theft.
 Help other thieves: both by moral and material support, utilizing the commune of thieves.
 Rule and arbitrate the criminal world and protect basic needs of criminals' and prisoners according to the extents and priorities set by the thieves' commune (typically in a given prison/prison cell) or region when not imprisoned)
 Keep secret information about the whereabouts of accomplices (e.g. dens, districts, hideouts, safe apartments, etc.).
 In unavoidable situations (if a thief is under investigation or is arrested) to take the blame for someone else's crime; this buys the other person time to escape and remain free.
 Demand an inquiry and judgment by a council of thieves to resolve disputes in the event of a conflict between oneself and other thieves, or between thieves.
 If necessary, participate in such inquiries if called upon.
 Punish any offending thief as decided by the judgment of the thieves council.
 Not resist carrying out the decision of punishing the offending thief who is found guilty, with punishment determined by the thieves’ council.
 Never gamble without being able to cover losses.
 Be good at playing card games for money.
 Teach the criminal way of life to youth with potential.
 Have, if possible, informants from the rank and file of thieves.
 Not to lose your reasoning abilities when drunk.
 Have nothing to do with the authorities (particularly with the ITU, Correctional Labor Authority), not participate in public activities, nor join any community organizations.
 Not serve in the military or accept any weapons from the government or prison authority (police baton).
 Make good on promises given to other thieves.


- Good vodka
- good Sex and teasing women
- Money
- Dancing
-Emotions like thrill and danger
- Cats
- Smokes
- Hot showers
-Hot chocolate
-Books , he loves them


- Men who talk or flirt whit his girls
- Secrets
- Wiseass guys
- Communist
- Police and law enforcers
- Being in the back of a car
-Weak members and traitors

Additional Info:

- Leonid can speak English but he has a very fit Russian accent.
- 6’2” and 83 Kilos.
- He got his scar during the Riot in prison on 1922.
- He is Roman Catholic.
- He misses his family, but he knows that sacrifices must be made.
- Each tattoo represents a crime or crime duty (he has a lot) .
-He has the crest of the Merinov family tattooed in his torso.
- Leonid reads books like crazy when he’s off duty; it’s like a window to another place for him.
-He dislikes loud places.
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Espero poder rolear con él algun dia =)

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Quedó épico, me tiro de un puente si tu app no entra. Está muy bien elaborada. ´//7//´
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